My Undeniable, Unforgettable, Life-changing Experience

Me drinking coffee.
Hello there, I'm Aaron.

Hi, my name is Aaron and I'm a quadriplegic thanks to an unfortunate decision I made to go for a motorcycle ride. Honestly, I hadn't been on a motorcycle in over ten years and I thought I could do it. The motorcycle was way too powerful for someone with my lack of experience and I'm very thankful to have survived at all.

Anyway, let me tell you a little about myself. I'm a dad to three beautiful girls, they are so cool. Way cooler than I could ever be. I have an awesome, beautiful, super-smart wife and she's going to be a nurse. Also included in this awesome family of mine are some rabbits, a hamster, and a puppy.

My puppy, Potato.

For more info check out my about me page, I'm sure you'll love it.